Letters from a hypocrite

So tear me to pieces, my sweet suicide.
For to die is to gain, but to live is for Christ.


babe, dear, and hun sound so weak and cliché. if you were mine, i’ll call you lieutenant, sergeant, general, commander. you’ll be my authority figure

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//well there is a time to weep and there is a time to mourn and there is a time to laugh and it’s fighting for its place in this time of war. There are still monsters in my closet, father, and I can feel the shadow people hiding in the hallways.  Are they ever going to stop sneaking up behind me? Is anybody my age still afraid of a black night and do you run in the dark in a panic for the light?//
/the what ifs and maybes will drive you crazy, just go/





It’s Mama swan protecting her baby! She doesn’t know the guy is just trying to help.. but then she’s like “Oh.. my bad. Thanks!!”

This is so heartwarming

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/keeping it real is a full time job//

/keeping it real is a full time job//

When you make an adult decision without calling your mother first.




when you realize your adult decision has unforeseen consequences:


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assassination: a nation that is sassy

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